About Doctor-Desagüe

Doctor-Desagüe offers a service to unblock and clean all kinds of drain and pipe blockages in commercial and residential drainage systems. We are a family business with many years experience in clearing clogged drains in both the UK and now Spain. We are experts on the workings of drainage systems, and will make a fast diagnosis on what's causing the problem, and put it right the immediately.

Our services cover all aspects of repair and maintenance, including jetting drains, the inspection of drains with CCTV (closed circuit television) and maintaining your drains and pipes in a good condition.

We use a two-stage approach to clogged drains in order to offer you the best possible solution at the lowest cost. We started with a manual method of packing. If the blockage does not move, we use maximum power drainage injection and rotary machinery with high pressure water.

You can trust us to solve the issue extremely quickly

We guarantee great results that last

We are professionals with decades of experience

Our equipment allows us to enter even the trickiest located drains

Call us and we will give you a quote without any obligation

High Pressure Hosing

When manual cleaning is not enough, we use a high pressure hose to eliminate the most difficult jams. We have a high pressure drain cleaner and industrial rotary force machinery with enough power to go through everything that is clogging the drain.

The service includes free CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) drainage inspection to see if there are any defects that could lead to clogging in the future.

Drain Rodding

We do a free analysis to find out where the problem is. As long as the blockage is on your property and not on the street, we will immediately solve the problem using a the most effective methods, such as rodding.

Diagnosis of CCTV (Closed Circuit Television)

With our CCTV system we check the ducts to locate the problem and see exactly where the fault is before proceeding with the repair.