Contractual and commercial services

At Doctor Desague we offer maintenance contracts for commercial premesis at a reasonable price.

Our priority is to provide a fast and efficient service to cause the least disruption to our customers. As a business customer, we guarantee you a very fast response and try to arrive within a couple of hours or we will set aside an hour to resolve the problem when it most suits you.

For more information call us on 606 959 111.

Our services include:

   Clearing of communal apartment pipe space

   Unclogging toilets, sinks and baths

   Clearing gutterings and water outlet channels

   High pressure jetting

   CCTV inspections

   Location by probe

   Drainage coating

   Cleaning of drains and grease deposits in restaurants

   General plumbing

Sectors we work with

  Apartament buildings

  Comercial premises

  Supermarkets and shops


  Bars and clubs